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Some pictures of a few of our members.  We just formed the Roundtable so we only have a few pictures at this point.  Four of our members are members of the 26th NC Reenactors.


 This picture was taken at Sharpesburg.  Notice the Dunker Church in the background.  This is the 26th NC doing a living history for the National Park Service.  Note Mike Ross front and slightly left of center.  It was cold during drill that day so notice the period wool gloves.  That is quite an experience to camp right at Dunker Church.


This is a member's War Between the States period "wedge" tent.  Notice some of the period accouterments.  The rifle is an 1863 Richmond.


Captain Dick Armstrong of the 26th NC.  This photo was taken in the Museum in Plymouth.  Photo taken by John Gregory gregfoto@aol.com 


Two of our members at The Battle of Plymouth.  From left Mike Ross, Keith Sawyer.  Also in the picture 26th NC member Rob New.  The trio were walking over to join their unit and photographer John Gregory snapped this picture. Note it was regulation that the men have their top botton buttoned, but the regulations mentioned nothing of the other buttons.  So many soldiers in hot weather would button only the top button and leave the others unbuttoned.


Fun for the whole family!
In the above picture are Katherine Ross and Alexis.  Alexis is the granddaughter of Keith and Pat Sawyer.  They are members of the Roundtable and also the 26th NC.  This photo was taken at the Battle of Plymouth April 2005.  http://www.livinghistoryweekend.com/  Note the ironclad Albemarle in the backgroud.  Photo taken by John Gregory gregfoto@aol.com  John attends many reenactments as a photographer.  You can buy the disc afterwards.  Well worth the money.  The disc I bought had 497 pictures on it.


From left to right pictured Keith Sawyer, Rob New, Captain Dick Armstrong, Pat Sawyer Alexis, Katherine Ross and Mike Ross.  We had taken a brief break from our living history duties at the Battle of Plymouth to have a picnic lunch.

Pvt. John Sledge of the Norfolk Light Artillery Blues at Fort Branch, NC