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In April of 2006 the Outer Banks Civil War Round Table toured Fredericksburg, Chancelorsville, The Wilderness and the Spotsylvania battlefields.  As in our Sharpsburg tour we had Randal Garrison as our tour guide.  What an authority.  What a nice and genuine person.  We had a wonderful and educational time.  I will fill out more info here soon.  Meanwhile here are some photo's.


Above we are at the site of "The Last Meeting" between General's Lee and Jackson.  Pictured left to right is Bob Bateman, Dick Armstrong, Randal Garrison, Keith and Pat Sawyer, Mike Ross, Roy Archbell, Jason Harrell, Andy Watson and David Neal.
Not pictured but on the trip were Marcia Watson, Charlie Archbell, John Ward, Jim and Ed Jarvis.


Here we are at the site where General Stonewall Jackson is thought to have been shot.


Here is the spot where General Jackson was lowered to the ground after being shot about 50-60 yards away.  There is a nice simple stone marking the spot.


This is the site where Union troops crossed into Fredericksburg on a pontoon bridge.

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