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OBX Civil War Round Table


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The 26th NC Reenactment website.
The Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The Raleigh Civil War Round Table


The District of Columbia Civil War Round Table


Clint Johnson, Civil War Author.  One of his many books is "Touring The Carolinas' Civil War Sites”


Great web site for those who really want to dig in!  Civil War Home.


The national government's  web site that allows you to find any ancestor that served in the War.
This website sells CD Roms that detail a whole battle.  Each battle unfolds on your computer screen detailing exactly where each unit moved.  I have all of their battle CD's and think this company is great.  Visit the site and try the demo on Gettysburg.  You will love each one these products.

The link to the NC Civl War homepage is:
A nice web site!  Lots of information and numerous articles.  

The link for the 4th NC reenactment group is:  

This is Bruce Long's website on "The Battle of South Mills".   Excellent site.


Here is the link for fellow member's Pat and Keith Sawyer's Bed and Breakfast in Plymouth, NC.  I have been there and wow is it nice!!!



For those who are upset about slavery that existed 150 years ago but don't care about it going on now here are some websites that may get you motivated to end slavery NOW!  Here are some sites dedicated to eradicating todays slavery.  Experts say there are more poeple enslaved today than there were 150 years ago.  What are you doing to end it?

Modern Day Slavery links.  This is going on NOW!  Get involved.


Stop the Traffick

Not for Sale


Free the Slaves.



Inheriting the trade


Human Trafficking the Movie



More links to come.
A listing of other Civil War Round Table Sites.